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    Crisis is inevitable in our modern age, but many organisations have inadequate or untested crisis plans, leaving them reactive and defensive when crisis hits, magnifying rather than mitigating damage.

    With this e-book you’ll gain insights into:

    • Adapting to the new normal
    • Being crisis ready
    • The Four Rs of Crisis response
    • Meaningful messaging
    • Seven deadly crisis sins
    • Social listening
    • Managing traditional media
    • Ten steps to survival


    “Mark’s communication skills are second to none. This publication is a thought provoking and valuable tool for leaders in preparing for and in managing crises in our fast moving digital world.”

    Jeff Davies
    Director, CBE, former Executive Vice President, CSL.

    About the Author

    Mark is a Walkley-award winning journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of The Age in Melbourne.

    He has also worked at Four Corners and Channel Seven, in the Federal and State parliament press galleries and as an overseas correspondent.

    Specialising in reputation building communications strategies, he has raised the profile of major companies, guided global manufacturers through controversial issues and assisted CEOs enhance their reputations.

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